Publications, exhibitions, and other formats on the subject of design culture and design history of our members.

Designkritik. Theorie, Geschichte, Lehre (Design criticism. Theory, history, teaching)

Authors: Siegfried Gronert, Thilo Schwer (ed.)
Publisher, year of publication: AV Edition, 2018
ISBN: 978-3-8998

More than almost any other creative practice, design is linked to everyday life, politics, and the economy of a society. Technological change, social upheaval and global crises challenge the design profession to redefine itself. "Designkritik" reflects the field of tension of an expanded design practice within a complex media landscape. Against the backdrop of economic and political upheavals, new approaches to design criticism are discussed and historical references in the context of design, media and society are examined. It examines how design journalism and criticism reflect and communicate this changed concept of design.

Sach&Krach (fact&noise)

Sach&Krach (fact&noise)
Author: Rosmarie Baltensweiler (Podcast)
Publisher, year of publication: Hochparterre, 2024

Rosmarie Baltensweiler worked as a designer, producer, and entrepreneur for seven decades - for a long time alongside her husband Rico Baltensweiler, and later together with her children and her team. Despite her success, she always saw herself as part of a collective - in design as well as in life. Design theorist Meret Ernst and product designer Jörg Boner contributed to the monograph. In the podcast, they talk about their personal experiences with Rosmarie Baltensweiler and what sets her apart as a designer.

Design Leben (design life)

Design Leben (design life)
Edited by: Gabriel, Karin und Steffie Baltensweiler, Mirjam Fischer
Publisher, year of publication: Hochparterre, 2024
ISBN: 978-3-909928-88-0

The designer, interior architect and entrepreneur saw design as integrative and multifaceted. Rosmarie Baltensweiler (1927-2020) and her husband Rico Baltensweiler (1920-1987) founded a lighting company in Lucerne that is still active today and focused on sustainability early on. Various text contributions and a rich photo series draw on the extensive company and family archive and provide an overview of the development of luminaire design and the company for the first time. Letters and diary entries provide a biographical insight into Rosmarie Baltensweiler's partnership, family life and circle of friends.

The Landistuhl in detail

The Landistuhl in detail
Author: Robert Wettstein
Publisher, year of publication: self-published, 2020

In the publication „Der Landistuhl im Detail“, Robert Wettstein shows in detail the various aspects of this chair, in particular the differences and variations that have emerged over time. It also includes catalogues and rare postcards with images of the chair from the period.

No Style; Ernst Keller (1891-1968) teacher and pioneer of Swiss Style

No Style. Ernst Keller (1891-1968) teacher and pioneer of Swiss Style
Authors: Peter Vetter, Katharina Leuenberger, Meike Eckstein
Publisher, year of publication: Triest Verlag, 2017
ISBN: 978-3-03863-022-7 (DE) 978-3-03863-023-4 (EN)

From 1918 to 1956, Ernst Keller was head of the graphic design class at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts and created one of the world's first systematic training programs for graphic design in the 1920s. During his long activity as lecturer, all the renowned graphic artists who later shaped the so-called "Swiss style" completed their professional education under Keller. The publications also illustrate the entire oeuvre of Ernst Keller, much of which was unknown, and provide an insight into his teaching. The book is the result of a nine-year research project and is based on many conversations and memories of former students.

Design as investment - design and communication as a management tool.

Design as investment - design and communication as a management tool.
Authors: Peter Vetter and Katharina Leuenberger with a foreword by Rudolf K. Sprüngli
Publisher, year of publication: Spielbein Publishers, 2016
ISBN: 9-783946-718048

Design and communication are the prerequisites for the economic success of companies and institutions. Only those who can reach their dialog groups effectively will prevail in the market. This text analyzes and comments on the various strategic aspects of successful identity, brand, and communication processes. These thoughts and suggestions are intended to support managers in realizing efficient, complex, and global communication projects.

Hans Aeschbach *1911 - †1999 Graphic artist, painter, and teacher – Poetic synthesis of nature and geometry

Hans Aeschbach (1911–1999) Graphic artist, painter, and teacher – Poetic synthesis of nature and geometry
Authors, Yujin Kim (ed.), Sara Zeller and Peter Vetter
Publisher, year of publication: Digiboo Verlag. 2021
ISBN: 2021, 978-3-03906-018-4

Hans Aeschbach was a well-known graphic artist and an important teacher in the preliminary course at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts, where he taught for more than thirty years. In contrast, his artistic work, which he never exhibited or published during his lifetime, was completely unknown. The book, edited by Yujin Kim, has now reappraised this oeuvre, Sara Zeller has paid tribute to his graphic work and Peter Vetter has contributed his personal experiences and memories.

Oliviero Toscani, Immaginare

Oliviero Toscani, Immaginare. School of Applied Arts Zurich 1961-1965
Authors: Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini, Peter Vetter
Publisher, year of publication: Museo M.A.X. Chiasso, 20218
ISBN: 2018, 9 788879 221382

In connection with the exhibition on the oeuvre of Oliviero Toscani, a publication on Toscani's training at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich (School of Arts and Crafts) was produced in collaboration with Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini. The publication attempts to recreate the atmosphere, the teaching, and the environment at the famous photography school in Zurich in the 1960s.